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Base Yarn Descriptions

Lux is our line of fingering weight gradients (150g) on plant-based yarns. Lux XL is the extra long version (225g).

There are two fingering weight base yarns available:

1. High Twist Tencel® (regular =150g/693y, XL =225g/1040y):  Our main base yarn.  It has a smooth, soft, 2-ply construction made with 100% A100 Lenzing Tencel® . Tencel® is the trade name for lyocell. Tencel® /lyocell is a type of rayon that is made from wood pulp cellulose. It is light, soft, and has excellent stitch definition. It has shine to it and takes dye exceptionally well, with a brilliance on par with silk.  It blocks out like a champ, especially when used for lace.  It is not splitty. Like all plant based yarns, it does not have any elasticity. However, it doesn’t seem to grow in garments the same way cotton does.

Tencel is one of the most environmentally-friendly yarn options as the process uses a lot of waste wood. The trees that the original wood comes from are typically beech trees. If feedstock wood is not waste wood, it is harvested from sustainably-managed forests, usually in Northern Europe , Canada and the UK.  The chemicals that are used to break down the cellulose woodchips into cellulose fragments that are suitable for spinning is extremely caustic. However Tencel® /lyocell is made is a closed loop system which prevents pollution, reuses the chemicals and saves a lot of water.

2.  Tencel® (regular =150g/693y, XL =225g/1040y):  A very similar yarn to High Twist Tencel ®, only with a slightly looser twist. It has a bit of a halo.
As of 6/2019 production on this base yarn has been suspended.  it is not officially discontinued, but the mill has been having significant delays. We may resume using it when supply is consistent.  The 2015 version of Lux was a bit heavier at 150g/585y. This yarn is now referred to as “Heavy Tencel®” on Ravelry and is discontinued.

Lux Lace is our laceweight line of plant based gradient yarns.

There are two versions of laceweight available:

1. Lace Tencel® (100g/739y): A laceweight version of the Lux Tencel® .  This base yarn has the same general properties of Tencel®. takes dye incredibly well; colorways on this base yarn are extremely saturated and may be slightly darker than the High Twist Tencel® fingering weight base. It is very sleek and has excellent stitch definition.

2. Lace Bamboo Shimmer (85g/739y): This is a 2-ply yarn that is slightly lighter, has a bit more body to it/is slightly fluffy. One ply is twisted tighter than the other and it gives it a slightly rippled effect which makes it shimmer in the sunlight. It dyes up significant lighter than Lace Tencel®.