News Update

Hi there!

I thought it might be helpful to keep a running update on what we’re working on so we can keep you in the loop.
This will give you an idea of what’s available for waitlist, open for orders, and what we will be dyeing next.
I usually update the “Announcements” post in the VFA Ravelry group as well.

Most recent news update 10/16/18

To email: use the Contact Us form on the front

PRE-ORDERS CURRENTLY OPEN:  Allsorts, Crimson Nocturne, Blue Nocturne, Bewitched, Haunted Forest, Sonrisa

PRE-ORDERS OPEN 10/26: New Fade to Blacks, restocks on Morning Glory, 8 Crazy Nights, Advent (Waitlists are open restocks for notifications)

ORDER STATUS: All listings are currently in pre-order status.

Pre-order notes:
All orders placed from 10/16-11/4 will be combined unless otherwise specified. Any excess shipping cost will be refunded.
-All orders $80+ ship for free in the US, and receive a $5 shipping credit on international orders. (If you have more than one order and in total they are $80+ when they are combined, this applies)
-International shipping is auto-calculating a bit high. Most packages ship to Canada for $13.50, Europe/AUS/NZ for $22.50 for 1-3 skeins. We are in the process of troubleshooting the settings. We charge actual shipping, we do not pad shipping costs.
– All orders will be out by Dec 10th in time for the holiday gifts. We will aim for earlier, but it’s usually highly dependent on what you order. If you have a lot of complicated end yardage requirements that we need to dyelot match, it usually takes a bit on the longer side.  We are aiming to have all international orders will be out by Nov 29th to allow extra time for that busy part of the year. If you have an urgent holiday need and you’re an international customer, consider upgrading to Global Priority mail. Please email for a quote/info if you need it.

Please join the waiting list for any products (colorway + base yarn) you would like to purchase in the future. This will enable you to get automatic notifications when something is available for order. Under “My Account”, you will now see all the items in one place for which you have joined the associated waiting lists. Please log in, review and update your preferences (including which base yarn you prefer).

If you need technical assistance with the waiting list function, please contact us so that we can help you.

NEW 100G END YARDAGE SKEINS: This will be a great new option for those who make really big projects. It will be listed with the base yarn options going forward, and will be less expensive than buying 4 separate end yardage skeins (e.g. for Lux, $24/100g vs. 28$ (4 x $7/25g). It will also have fewer joins. Please join the waiting list if you are going to need a 100g end yardage skein, so that we make enough in the dyelot to match a main gradient.

Some things to consider:
1 ) It is always best to order your main gradient and your end yardage *on the same order* so that the dyelot can be matched as closely as possible. Since there is no mad dash required for any listing ever, you have time to consider how much yardage you will need for a certain project if you already have one in mind.

2) If you are placing a second order to add on some end yardage to a previous order, please write in the order notes that you are trying to match it. We will do the best we can with the dyelots we have. Most of the time the match is pretty good, even if it’s not the same exact dyelot because all batches are tightly controlled for pH, temperature and dye concentration. The longer the lag time there is between the two orders, the higher the chance there is of getting a different dyelot.  If you do not specify that you are trying to match a gradient on a previous order, we will not assume that’s what you want.

3) When you are adding on end yardage (any kind) **please make sure you are matching your end yardage base yarn to your main gradient base yarn**.  I tend to catch these discrepancies, but as we add staff, it is likely someone will fill the order *exactly* how it’s ordered.

4) 100g end yardage skeins will ship in 60″ skein form. If you would like it wound into a ball instead, we can do that for you as an additional service. See “Additional Services” in the shop for pricing.


1. SPECIAL WINDING REQUESTS: If you need end yardage wound into balls, or want a gradient reverse wound (opposite of how it’s shown in the main photo in the shop listing), we can do that for you. Some people don’t have a swift and ballwinder, or are unable to/not wanting to wrangle it out to use it for that particular order. We are happy to take special requests as an additional service.  See “Additional Services” in the shop for pricing.

2. SPECIAL OCCASIONS/GIFTS:  Please consult the most recent News Update for shipping guidance when planning for gifts and special occasions. If you have an urgent need for a special occasion or gift when placing an order, please contact me to see if it’s possible to have the order expedited. Additional charges may apply (There’s a flat expedite charge, plus split shipping if there are additional items on the order.)

3. SPLIT/GIFT SHIPPING: We can split an order and have an item sent directly to a friend if you want. We’ll ship your part for free and invoice you for the shipping to the third party address. Please specify if you want a free greeting card.

If anyone needs a status update on an order, please email me directly at Amy at Vivid Fiber Arts or you can message me on Ravelry or on Facebook. I aim to get back to people within 24 hours, usually sooner. I check my spam folder every day, but if you haven’t gotten a response from me, it’s likely an email issue so check your spam folder too.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: We have a 30 day return/exchange policy.  If your pink was too pink, your red wasn’t red enough, your blue was too purple, your purple wasn’t purple enough, your red was too red, you want to switch base yarns or yarn lengths- whatever the reason just shoot me an email via the contact page. We’ll either get you something else more to your liking or arrange for a return/refund. Due to the extremely generous nature of this policy, we adhere strictly to 30 days from delivery date. After that point, please feel free to take advantage of the VFA Ravelry group “ISO/Destash” thread.

Any questions at all, please use the contact form on the front page or contact me through Ravelry.


Amy & Team VFA

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