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How does the waitlist work?

*Please note we no longer do “shop updates” in any form. We have transitioned to a 100% waitlist batch ordering system*

Wondering what the “waitlist” is all about?

Big picture: You want something, but it’s sold out? You can click on “Join the waitlist”, and your username will be added to the waitlist for that specific product. When your desired yarn open for orders, you get the first crack at getting one.  You get an email that says “The product you wanted is back in stock” You rejoice, log in, and you will see the listing.

All of the little details:

There are several different ways indie dyers take and fulfill orders. Many work on a custom or dye to order basis all the time. Some have Etsy- style shop “updates” where it’s a feeding frenzy, you can get cartjacked, and once all stock is gone, that’s it.  Some do clubs. Some only sell “one of a kind” type yarns that aren’t repeatable. Some have standard colorways they make available at all times.

After thinking long and hard about our processes and how we like to operate, we have taken the best parts of these different arrangements and come up with a hybrid system that seems to work really well for us.   All of our colorways are precisely repeatable. We will dye some colorways more frequently than others; some series we only dye once a year (e.g. Fade To Blacks). Many times we will bring back an established colorway for a restock based on the waitlist, then do some new stuff too based on the season.

In order to create a waitlist, you need to log in or register for a VFA site account so we can keep track of who signing up for things. Each colorway and each base yarn option is a separate “product” in the store. Using the pulldown menu, you can choose which base yarn you are interested in for a certain colorway. If it is out of stock there will be a red “X” with an “out of stock message” and a button on the product page that says “Join Waitlist” that you can click. When you join the waitlist for that product, you will receive an email when it is back in stock or available for order.  Joining the waitlist is not a pre-order; you do not pre-pay for the product when you join the waitlist.  Please note that this also is not a reservation or a guarantee that the product will come back in stock.  All colorways are seasonal and may be discontinued at any time. There are no “permanent” colorways, so if you see something you like, you shouldn’t wait to purchase it.

When your requested product is open for pre-order or restocked, you will receive an email notification. We make enough to meet what we expect to be the demand from the waitlisters, and then we make additional batches. Everyone who pre-orders will get exactly what they want; some things take longer than others.  Every time we restock and notify everyone, we “clear” the waitlist and start fresh. If you are logged in and your desired product listing says “Join Waitlist” that means you are not on the waitlist.  You can also leave the waitlist at any time if you change your mind by clicking “Leave Waitlist”.

The waitlist function is for your convenience.  When you join a waitlist you are basically saying “Wow, I love this one! Whenever you dye the next batch of them, let me know so I can pick one up.” We understand that circumstances change, so being on a waitlist does not obligate you in any way to purchase the product when it becomes available. However, we ask please that you do not add yourself to the waitlist for something if you really do not plan on purchasing it when it becomes available. It is OK to add yourself to several different base yarn waitlists or product listings for the same colorway. We infer that you probably are indicating that you would be happy with a variety of base yarns, not that you are going to want one of each. We do consider the product waitlists when we make our production schedule.

The waitlist is a unique function that makes a lot of people happy.  It’s a lot of work to set up and administer, but we find it’s a great compromise between “dye to order one by one” and “product update frenzy- sold out”.  We are always looking for ways to tweak this process to improve it.

If you have any questions or problems, just send an email through the contact form and we’ll help you out!