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Base Yarn Descriptions

Lux is our line of fingering weight gradients (150g) on plant-based yarns. Lux XL is the extra long version (225g). Big picture: All these yarns are very soft, all take dye brilliantly. Tencel®, and High Twist Tencel® dye up pretty much identically, the only difference is the twist. Bamboo Floss takes dye just as well, but has […]

Color, photography, and monitors.

We’ve all had it happen. We order something online.  We excitedly wait with anticipation. It arrives…  and it’s not the color we expected it would be. Sometimes it’s just a happy accident, and it’s not a big deal. Sometimes it is a disappointment. When we are disappointed with the color of yarn we ordered online, […]

How does the waitlist work?

*Please note we no longer do “shop updates” in any form. We have transitioned to a 100% waitlist batch ordering system* Wondering what the “waitlist” is all about? Big picture: You want something, but it’s sold out or in preview mode? You can click on “Join the waitlist”, and your username will be added to […]