• News Update - Hi there! I thought it might be helpful to keep a running update on what we’re working on so we can keep you in the loop. This will give you an idea of what’s available for waitlist, open for pre-orders, and what we will be dyeing next. To contact us about a specific order question, […]
  • Fade To Black 2019 Pre-Order ( and more!) - Hello friends! If you are brand new to Vivid Fiber Arts and would like a quick orientation, this post will give you all the information. If you are a returning customer, here’s a quick update if you haven’t been on the website in the past few months. A very large November pre-order is underway and […]
  • Greydient Series Pre-Order & More News - Hello friends! It is cooling off here in far northern NY (and I am not sad about it!). Autumn is on the way and we are ready to kick into high gear. We have been working on so many things for the past 3 months, and I’m happy to bring some progress news about a […]
  • How To Order - An overview of the ordering process for new customers.
  • Quick Tip: How do I waitlist something? - WHY would I want to join the waitlist for something? < Check out this blog post here for more details on the “why” HOW do I join the waitlist for something I would like? To join the waitlist for a product, you just have to do three things. The screenshot below might help you: 1. […]
  • What Makes a Gradient Look “Smooth”? - People are always asking “Why do your gradients look so smooth while others have more obvious stripes?” There actually is no one magic ingredient. There are a lot of things that go into making a smooth-looking gradient (If that is indeed a goal, and it doesn’t have to be). A couple of things contribute to […]
  • Shipping Hints For the Holiday Season - The holidays are a fun time of year. Something that is not so fun is losing an eagerly awaited package to damage or theft. When it is yarn- true heartbreak. All our domestic packages are sent USPS Priority Mail. Overall, we have had very few problems with our USPS service; we use address verification, compliant […]
  • Base Yarn Descriptions - Lux is our line of fingering weight gradients (150g) on plant-based yarns. Lux XL is the extra long version (225g). There are two fingering weight base yarns available: 1. High Twist Tencel® (regular =150g/693y, XL =225g/1040y):  Our main base yarn.  It has a smooth, soft, 2-ply construction made with 100% A100 Lenzing Tencel® . Tencel® […]
  • How does the waitlist work? - *Please note we no longer do “shop updates” in any form. We have transitioned to a 100% waitlist batch ordering system* Wondering what the “waitlist” is all about? Big picture: You want something, but it’s sold out? You can click on “Join the waitlist”, and your username will be added to the waitlist for that […]