Why would I want to join a waitlist?
Here is more information about how waitlists work: How Does the Waitlist Work?
Can you tell me when a certain product will be back in stock?

In general, as far as a firm date? No.  Production varies based on how many orders are in the order queue at any given time. We do not start a new pre-order cycle, restock the store or take new orders until all outstanding orders have been taken care of. We also look at the waitlists to prioritize what to restock first. In general, we try to restock all colorways at least once a year. See “Product Availability” for more information on how we restock and do pre-order cycles.

Can I leave a waitlist?

Yes, you can leave a waitlist at any time. You would just make sure you’re logged in, go to the product, and click “Leave Waitlist”. This will take your email address off the restock notification list.

I received a restock notification. What do I do?

You can do a few different things:

1. If the item is part of a pre-order (listed under the “Pre-Order” tab in the store), you will have the entire pre-order period (usually about a week) to order it).  You can proceed to the product page at anytime during the pre-order period and place an order. Products that are part of a Pre-Order do not sell out during the Pre-Order period. Pre-Orders are announced via email newsletter and on social media, so you will usually be anticipating a restock notification on that item. It is not necessary to rush or fear being cartjacked. You can take your time and put all your pre-order items on one order if possible.

2. If the item is listed as “In Stock” (listed under the “In Stock” tab in the shop), it has been restocked and is available on a “first come, first served” basis. It can sell out, so time is of the essence. This usually happens after a pre-order cycle is complete and we have some extras

2. You can always pass on a restock notification, because it’s just a courtesy reminder for you. However, once a restock notification is sent, that waitlist is cleared off and a new one begins. So if you want to be notified the next time the product comes back into stock, you would log in, go to the product and click “Join Waitlist” again.

How do I know what I waitlisted for?

If you go to the “My Account” tab, then click on “Waiting List”, you will see a list of products. These are all the things that you have joined waitlists for.

I didn’t get a waitlist notification.

There could several reasons you did not get a waitlist notification:

1. You have not made a website account, so there’s no place for the notification software to know what you have joined.

2. You did not log in before you tried to waitlist something.

3. The email that associated with your VFA account isn’t current.

4. You waitlisted for that colorway, but on a base yarn that hasn’t been restocked.

5. You waitlisted for another product (e.g. you waitlisted for a Lux XL in Sonrisa instead of a Lux Lace in Sonrisa)

6. Your restock notification went into your spam folder. (You can add www.vividfiberarts.com domain to “safe senders” to prevent that from happening)

7. There is a server-level issue that we need to look into for you.

If the problem is not 1-6, please use the Contact Us form so we can look into it for you.

What is a waitlist?

When a product is not available for pre-order and is not in stock, you will have the option to join the waitlist for it. The waitlist is product (colorway+base yarn) specific. When you join the waitlist for a product, you will be notified via email when it is restocked.  There is no commitment to buy the product, and it is not a pre-order. It does not guarantee you will receive the specific product. There is no guaranteed timeframe. It is just you telling us you would like a “heads up” when we make more of that product. For more info on how the waitlists work, please see this post: How Do the Waitlists Work?