Who is the first to know when new inventory is put in the store?
We notify Vivid Fiber Arts customer friends in the following order: 1. people who are on an existing waitlist for a product receive their notifications first. So if there’s a specific colorway you know you definitely want (whether it’s a coming into pre-order or being restocked), join the waitlist for that product. Note: If it’s an “In stock” product, jump on it. If it’s a part of a Pre-Order, you have time until the open pre-order period ends. 2. we post on the Vivid Fiber Arts blog (If you have an RSS reader, you can add it to that) 3. we send out a general notice to the VFA mailing list subscribers 4. we post on the Announcements thread in the VFA Ravelry Group (If you’re on the forums a lot, you can “watch” that thread and it will notify you of any updates. There is a no chat version of this thread for your convenience.) 5. We post on other social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook). We don’t do Twitter. We post to Pinterest, but only images and blog shares. We don’t post announcements to Pinterest.