Greydients Are Here!

March is still looking a whole lot like February here in northern New York; as grey as ever.
However, after growing up in the Northeast, and living up here for so long, I’ve come to appreciate, even love, the color grey.
This month’s update is a series of gradients on our wonderful 100% tencel fingering weight base yarn, Lux. All six colorways start out in light shades, and seamlessly fade into a charcoal color with a subtle hint of the original starting color. Beautiful and nuanced, they make for very wearable finished objects.  The series is full of cool hues and mysterious darker colors; relaxing, and understated with rich minerality.  Each are available in the regular 150g/585y and 225g/878y cake size. Extra coordinating end miniskeins are available on each end in case your project needs little extra yardage. You will be able to find them the Vivid Fiber Arts Store.

This is Moraine, a cool light turquoise to steel blue gradient…


Upstate Grey, a flawless platinum to charcoal ombré …


Rhodonite is named for a beautiful rosey mauve natural gemstone. This gradient graduates to a purple-ish dark pewter. The journey includes a short tour through smokey amethyst and then into mysterious deep purple, through a mixture of warm and cool grays. It’s a very interesting and satisfying knit/crochet.


Geode is named because it looks just like one of those big slices of geode you would see at the gem and mineral show when you were little. Light amethyst turn to smokey grey. I love this one!


Casco Bay is just the quintessential combination of chambray and navy charcoal. You can pretend you’re in Portland, ME. Get a nice pint at Allegash Brewing company and settle in…


Lastly we have the perfect gradient for the wearin’ of the green in 2 weeks! If shamrock green isn’t quite your thing, then Aventurine might be just what you’re looking for…


Happy Yarn day!



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