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Our user experience is important and unique. It has evolved to meet our customers’ collective wishlist of features over the years. If you’re a new customer, you will likely need a little orientation to understand how everything works. If you’re a seasoned VFA fiber friend, we hope you will appreciate improvements in the new website navigation. And we’ll keep adding more functionality to make you happy, because that’s just how we are.

Where are you today and how can we help?

“I am a brand new customer. I know nothing about Vivid Fiber Arts or how to order. I just saw some yarn and I need to have it in my life as soon as possible.” Welcome! This is a very common and understandable situation. 😀
This page will orient you to the general way things work and give you many links to things if you want to read more details

“I am a returning customer and have ordered before, so I just need an update”
Thank you for being part of our customer family! This page will give you the quick run down of what’s changed.