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Quick Tip: How do I waitlist something?

WHY would I want to join the waitlist for something? < Check out this blog post here for more details on the “why”

HOW do I join the waitlist for something I would like?

To join the waitlist for a product, you just have to do three things. The screenshot below might help you:

1. Log in: In the top right hand corner, it should say “Log Out” indicating that you’re already logged in (in green box). If it says “Log In” there, it means you’re not yet logged in. So you would click “Log In” at that point and complete your log in.

2. If you *are* logged in, then you would go to your desired product (in this case Lux Birdsong 150g) pull down the menu to whichever base yarn you are interested in (indicated in the yellow box)

3. For things that are not in stock at the moment and are available for waitlist, it will bring up a grey “Join Waitlist” button (indicated in the red box).

4. If it says “Leave Waitlist” That means you are already on the waitlist for that item  (You can click that thought to leave it if you no longer are interested in that colorway.)

If that doesn’t help out, just send an email through the contact form on the front page of the website, and we will help you out!



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