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News Update

Hi there!

I thought it might be helpful to keep a running update on what we’re working on so we can keep you in the loop.
This will give you an idea of what’s available for waitlist, open for pre-orders, and what we will be dyeing next.
To contact us about a specific order question, please use the Contact Us form on the website.

Most recent news update 12/28/19

The Fade To Black pre-order was HUGE! Thank you so much. We actually canceled all our Instagram and Facebook announcements because we had so many orders from our existing customer friends on our mailing list and on Ravelry. Our dedicated existing customers and our Ravelry crew are always our #1 priority before we go chasing more sales.  So we will be making a second offering and all extras will be put into the shop in January.

Reminder: Join the waitlist for the extra Fade To Blacks, Emerald Isle, Red Hat Lady, 80s Night, Laguna, and Pure Blue skeins. With pre-orders we have a good week to relax, look at the offerings. We can look at our pattern queues, plan it out, and then order exactly what you would like. However, as always, after pre-order is complete, all “extras” are put into the shop and available on a first come/first served basis. So if you join the waitlist for a certain product that is not a pre-order and you get a restock notification, jump on it bc they are gone in a flash.

All critical holiday packages were delivered on time and in one piece (whew and yay!)  I hope everyone who celebrated had a great Christmas. For our customers who celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule and the New Year- party on! Our big holiday is New Year, and I usually take a few days off. Customer service will be checking emails daily in case anyone has any problems or questions. I will be back in the office 1/6/2020.

We had an unforeseen challenge this holiday season.  A few customers had some issues with package theft, which was really disappointing. The insurance we put on all packages doesn’t cover theft after the packages are scanned in as “delivered” by USPS. Our losses were pretty significant, but we replaced all orders at no cost.  Two customers had to file police reports because our packages were not the only ones stolen. Such a heartbreak! So I was in a conundrum: to ship and risk more losses or wait? Instead of deciding on my own, I emailed and asked everyone with pending orders, gave them several options, and asked what their preference would be. Everyone was amazing! So responsive, understanding and supportive. I was so relieved. Thanks to all who responded and made a stressful situation so much easier. We upgraded many to “Adult signature required” additional service at no extra cost so that USPS would not just leave packages sitting on someone’s doorstep. We can do that at anytime upon request. Many opted to have their packages sent after the holidays and those orders are going out now over the next two weeks while things are starting to die down in USPS world.

Even if we do all the right stuff, things are never guaranteed to go smoothly. However, it’s so nice to be able to work as a team with our customers to handle challenges as they arise. That’s what life is, right? Challenge after challenge. Yes, it’s a hit to have losses like that, but we can always make more money. Keeping our customers happy is worth so much more long term. I appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding.

We will meet our shipping estimate of 4-6 weeks after pre-orders close. As always, if you have  large order, a lot of different end yardage that needs to be matched, are an international customer or have special winding requests, your order will probably be on the later side of that window. Anyone needing a return or exchange, I have all order and gift info so if you received some yarn as a present and need to trade it in for a different length/color, please email us by Jan 25th.

All the best to you for 2020, and thanks for making 2019 our best year yet!
– Amy

FEBRUARY SNEAK PEEK: The next pre-order will be a BIG batch of Birdsong. Everyone’s been asking for it, and the waitlist is getting pretty long. If you are interested in that colorway, definitely jump on the waitlist now so you get an automatic notification when pre-orders open. Also joining Birdsong will be another Galaxy restock, Caliente, Smoothie, and Pure Fuchsia. We’ll add some other colorways if we can, and I’ll let you know ahead of time what they are. I don’t have a firm date on the February pre-order yet, but will post about it when I see how January goes. 

General Info

Waitlists: Please join the waiting list for any products (colorway + base yarn) you would like to purchase in the future. This will enable you to get automatic notifications when something is available for order. Under “My Account”, you will now see all your waitlisted items in one place. Please log in, review and update your preferences (including which base yarn you prefer). We have suspended availability of the Tencel base due to mill issues.  We may bring it back when supply is more consistent. It is recommended that you waitlist for the High Twist Tencel base if you want fingering weight Lux.

If you need technical assistance with the waiting list function, please contact us so that we can help you.

If anyone needs a status update on an order, please contact us directly via the contact form. We do not monitor Ravelry messages, Instagram DMs or Facebook messages continuously- particularly when we are head down working on pre-orders. All customer service issues need to go through email so they are routed appropriately. We aim to get back to people within 24 hours, usually sooner. I check my spam folder every day, but if you haven’t gotten a response from me, it’s likely an email issue so check your spam folder too.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: We have a 30 day return/exchange policy.  Please check out your order right away when you get it.  We’ll either get you something else more to your liking or arrange for a return/refund. Due to the extremely generous nature of this policy, we adhere strictly to 30 days from delivery date. After that point, please feel free to take advantage of the VFA Ravelry group “ISO/Destash” thread.

Any questions at all, please contact me directly.


Amy & Team VFA

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