Lux – Blue Nocturne


A long, smooth gradient on plant-based fingering weight base yarns.

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Nocturne: (n) a work of art or a composition of music inspired by the night. Dreamy, eerie, dramatic, beautiful and melancholy.

All gradients in the Nocturne series start in a vivid jewel tone and seamlessly desaturate into darkness as you work.  This one way gradient starts out with intense clear medium blue, moves through teals, then fades to rich inky black.

This shawl skein gradient is mathematically weighted to begin with blue, so that the color changes get longer and longer as you work outwards towards the black end.  You can absolutely start with black end, and then you will have lots of black and a little blue at the end.  However, extra end yardage is available in both blue and black in 25g and 100g increments so you don’t have to worry about running short, no matter what color you start with.

This standard 150g length skein is perfect for most knitted shawls, and crocheted shawlettes/scarves. If you require more length, add some end yardage onto either (or both) ends of this 150g gradient.

Available in Tencel® High Twist. For a detailed description and comparison of Lux base yarns, click here. If your desired base yarn is out of stock, please join the waitlist and we will contact you when there is more available. For more information on the waitlists, click here.

All gradients arrive in beautiful gift-worthy packaging, and ready for action. They are already caked as shown in the main picture, with the shortest color/start point on the inside. All Vivid Fiber Arts yarns are fragrance free. All Lux yarns are made from 100% plant fibers, vegan-friendly and perfect for allergy sufferers.


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