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Hey there! Welcome to the VFA shop.
If this is your first visit or your first time ordering, here are some resources to help you understand how the shop orders work and what to expect. Please scroll down to the Product Description for important information and links.

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Welcome! Our ordering process is a bit unique, so here’s some information to help everyone understand what various things in the shop mean, how to order and what to expect. After you read through this, when you go back out to the main shop page you can change the product filter to “All Products” to see all our colorways. On mobile, you should scroll all the way down to get to the filters.

In general, there are two types of products:

1) Products that are currently in production (i.e. we currently are dyeing this colorway and it is available to ship or will be shipping in the next few weeks). When something is “Available For Pre-order” or showing an “in stock” status on the order page, that means we are currently accepting orders for this product, and it is currently in production. That does not mean it will ship immediately. It will ship in accordance with the shipping estimates that are updated on a regular basis on the News Update blog post.

2) Products that are not currently in production. Although this product is out of stock and we are not dyeing it currently, you can put your name on the waiting list by choosing your product (including base yarn preference) and clicking “Join Waitlist”. We will let you know when this colorway or product is back in production. Certain colorways are restocked regularly, some are seasonal and are only dyed once a year.  We usually let everyone know what’s coming up in the rotation on the News Update post.

Key things to know:
a) you must first make an account on the website in order to join waitlists and have your chosen items saved to your profile / associated with your email address. If you do not input an email address, the automatic notifications won’t be able to send.
b) for more information and details on how the waitlist works, check out this blog post “How Does the Waitlist Work?”
c) for information on how to physically add yourself to the waitlist (what to click where), check out this blog post “Quick Tip: How do I waitlist something?”

For all orders of $80 or more, we offer free US shipping and reduced international shipping rates.
Please feel free to familiarize yourself with our store policies here. We have a very generous return policy.
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For any specific order questions or for other questions, please contact us so that we can help you .
If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for taking time to read. Please add this item to your shopping cart *when you submit your first order of $80 or more*, and we’ll send you a little welcome gift.

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