Welcome back!

Thank you so much for being with us! We have been through many iterations and incremental improvements of the Vivid Fiber Arts website, and we’ve made it easier to navigate. More features are yet to come so we can deftly handle complex orders like kits.

What’s New?
The main differences you will notice:

1. The font is more readable, and the design is more responsive on mobile phones. Many orders are placed via mobile these days and we thought it was important to make things easier to see and more accessible for everyone.

2. There are prominent tabs in the shop that separate out what is currently available for pre-order, what is in stock now, and what is available for waitlisting. Then there’s a tab where you can see everything in one place (if you want to just scroll and drool like we do). So depending on what you want, you can just click into a tab, see what your choices are and boom, done. If you know we’re in a pre-order period, you can click into Pre-Order tab and see your choices. Pre-orders take 4-6 weeks. If you want only to see what’s available to ship more quickly in the next 7-10 days, then you would go into the In Stock tab and see what’s in the shop that’s is dyed, post-processed and ready to wind.

One thing to note: If your order contains both Pre-Order items and In Stock items, they will automatically all ship together when pre-orders ship. If you want the In Stock items to ship earlier separately, then it’s best to put them on a separate order and put a note. If you place more than one order for Pre-Order items, they will automatically be combined and shipping charges adjusted if necessary.

3. We’ve added more guidance, instructions and are working on a huge FAQ section.

4. We will have a real blog soon! We are partially shifting focus away from social media and will be focusing more time here “at home”.

Next stop: Go to the News Update to find out what’s going on right now.

Some convenient links for you:

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How Do the Waitlists Work?