Welcome new fiber friends!

Here’s the big picture:

What do we do?
Vivid Fiber Arts makes exceptionally smooth, vibrant gradient yarn so you can make your future favorite projects.

What kind of yarn do we make?
Right now we are using 100% Tencel plant-based yarns as our main base yarns, although wool blends are coming in the future. The Tencel line is called Lux. VFA Lux gradients are sold in 3 lengths: Lux (150g/693y fingering weight), Lux XL (225g/1040y), and Lux Lace (100g/739y).

How do you order it?
We make many different colorways, and all are 100% precisely repeatable. Due to space and time constraints, we do not make every single colorway available at all times. Most colorways belong to a “series”; a bunch of colorways that are always dyed together. We rotate through these series throughout the year based on what needs to be restocked. When we are going to make a series available, there are two ways to buy: during a “pre-order” or when it is listed as “in stock”. When we begin each series, we take a large pre-order so everyone has a chance to get what they would like. We batch process hundreds of orders in a 4-6 weeks time period. Then after all those orders are done and shipped, we put the extras in the shop as “In Stock” items. You can order “In stock” items at any time, but they are available on a “first come, first served” basis; when inventory runs out, it’s gone. Pre-orders are announced ahead of time and then there’s a relaxed open pre-order period of about a week where you can look over your options, decide what you would like if you have patterns in mind, and then put your pre-order in.
For detailed information check out this page: How to Order

What should you do next?
1. You should subscribe to the Vivid Fiber Arts mailing list because that is where we put all the news you need to know. It’s also where all giveaways, destash and design/sample calls are announced. We are on Ravelry and social media, but those sources aren’t as reliable for information bc we can’t guarantee you’ll see what you need to see when you need to see it. Please add Vivid Fiber Arts to your safe senders list in your email so our messages don’t go into your spam folder.
2. Register for an account on the Vivid Fiber Arts website.
3. Go to the News Update to see what is happening right now.
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6. If you have any questions once you’ve taken a look around, please Contact Us so we can help you out.